Chad Everett Strouf

Jail Location
Caucasian Male
5′ 11″ (1.80m)
210lbs (95kg)

Personal Details

Date of birth: 1975
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Registration: 08158
Level: Level II
Commentaries: Comments Abide by curfew rules as directed According to official documents Strouf pled guilty in Lewis County Superior Court on 05/07/2001 to two counts of Rape of a Child Second Degree. He was sentenced to 102 months in prison. This conviction was the result of Strouf sexually assaulting the known 12 year old female victim. Strouf had met the victim while dating her mother. The victim was staying with other relatives and Strouf moved into the same residence. He sexually assaulted the victim numerous times for about three weeks before the sexual assaults were discovered. Strouf completed the sex offender treatment program while in prison. He is on active supervision with the Washington State Department of Corrections, Everett office (425) 290-3200, for a period of 48 months and has the following conditions: Do not access the interet or email by electronic devices Do not connect with or call any phone service that provides sexually explicit conversations Do not consume alcohol Do not enter any location where minors frequent such as malls, libraries, etc. Do not enter any location where sex, sexual devices or sex related activity occurs. Do not enter bars, taverns, or lounges or any location where alcohol is the main source of business Do not enter parks, playgrounds or schools Do not enter sex related business to include X-rated movies. Do not form relationships with women or families with minor children Do not have direct or indirect contact with any victim Do not possess or peruse pornographic materials unless authorized Do not purchase, own or have in your possession or under your control any firearm or deadly weapon Do not reside with anyone who is a parent/legal guardian of minor children Do not use, possess, consume any controlled substance without a lawfully issued prescription Do not work in locations frequented by minors such as customer service jobs, jobs that put you in the vicinity of minors Enter into and successfully complete a sex offender treatment program Maintain lawful employment and provide proof of employment to DOC staff as directed May not visit or stay overnight in a residence where there are minor children Must consent to DOC home visits to monitor compliance with supervision. Home visits include access for visual inspection of all areas of the residence in which the offender lives or has exclusive/joint control/access. Must disclose your crime and sex offender registration status to any prospective employer or landlord On enhanced supervision and will wear a GPS electronic monitoring unit as directed by CCO Report to and be available for contact with assigned CCO as directed Shall reside at a location and under living arrangements as approved by community corrections officer Submit to urine testing and polygraph examinations as directed
Classification: Level II

Known addresses

Concrete, Washington 98237

Recent Arrests

Arresting agency: Skagit County Sheriff's Office
Booking location: Skagit County, WA

Booking number: 3013109
Jail name: Indiana Sheriffs Association
Location: 147 Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Recent Charges

Convicted date: Mar 21, 2001

Other charges

Description: 9A.44.076 - Rape of a child in the second degree.,
Date convicted: Mar 21, 2001
Conviction state: Washington
Charges: N/A


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