James F Boley

Jail Location
White Male
5′ 11″ (1.80m)
155lbs (70kg)

Personal Details

Date of birth: Aug 13, 1964
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Photo date: Jul 28, 2008
Maximum discharge date: Jan 9, 2007
Inmate status: TERMINATED

Recent Arrests

Booking number: 00267969
Release date: Apr 9, 2006
Booking location: Polk County, WI

Recent Charges

Statute: 940.19(1) M, 947.01 M
County: DANE
Convicted: Jun 18, 2002
Case number: 02CM00882

Statute: 946.49(1)(A) M, 947.01 M
County: DANE
Convicted: Aug 20, 2002
Case number: 02CM01958

Statute: 941.01(1) M
County: DANE
Convicted: Mar 7, 2006
Case number: 04CF02295

Statute: 939.62(1)(A), 947.01 M
County: JUNEAU
Convicted: Aug 25, 2004
Case number: 04CM00170

Statute: 946.49(1)(A) M
County: JUNEAU
Convicted: Aug 25, 2004
Case number: 04CM00179

Statute: 943.01(1) M
County: JUNEAU
Convicted: Aug 25, 2004
Case number: 04CM00190

Statute: 940.19(1) M, 946.41(1) M
County: ROCK
Convicted: Oct 22, 1993
Case number: 93CF948

Statute: 940.19(1) M
County: DANE
Convicted: Sep 18, 1996
Case number: 96CM02665


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